About us:
Putting earth and people first is our top priority

We take care of our land & our community so we can provide effective and natural CBD support for you and your community.

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our people

our people our land

People are important to us. They are the backbone of our company and we appreciate their work, whether its out in the hemp fields, processing facility or in the (home) office. We are a mostly family-run farm, supporting each other and our community here in sunny Southern Oregon.

Our Story

Calyx Organics grew from our love for the earth and the process of growing natural CBD medicine for the community. After seeing large-scale industrial hemp farms cropping up nearby, we knew that we could do it better and in a way that took the land into deeper consideration. We dedicated ourselves to building a hemp farm that was supportive, rather than destructive, to our local environment. We believe that when our plants and farm are healthy & happy, the products are more potent and effective for improving this world and your health. 

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Our mission

We use ecological practices that enhance wellness of both our people and planet to improve the lives of future generations to come. At every step of our process, we make decisions that support responsible environmental & social practices. We offer pure & high-potency CBD hemp products that enhance wellness & health, naturally.

Notes from the founder

kyrill stiritz

My mission with starting Calyx Organics was to create hemp & CBD products from seed to bottle, in order to ensure that each step was done in a way that respects the land and its organisms. Not only do we grow our hemp in a way that works with the cycles of nature, but we also make sure that any other ingredients and materials we use are organic, natural and/or recyclable. Extra care with every detail makes our products truly powerful and supportive for optimal wellness. 




our mission is to provide for our earth and our people

we use regenerative growing practices in our fields and integrate organic and no till methods to ensure our product is high quality and non-toxic