Hemp for the Holidays: 4 Delicious Seasonal Recipes

There is no love sincerer than the love of food
-George Bernard Shaw


The holidays have arrived! And with them comes the undeniable craving for sweet holiday treats.

Just in time for the season, we have curated this batch of 4 delicious recipes to try and share with your loved ones.  

The best part about these recipes? Each one contains a healthy dose of hemp hearts! This means you can enjoy some delicious goodies while receiving the many nutritional benefits of consuming hemp. Protein, omegas, iron and magnesium just to name just a few!

These sweet treats will nourish your body and soul. They make the perfect gift for anyone special in your life, but fair warning, they taste so good you just may want to keep them for yourself.


1. Apple Hemp Quick Bread

Nothing says the holiday season like a lovely loaf of homemade sweet bread. This recipe will leave your tummy satisfied, and your kitchen smelling like a holiday dream.

Out of personal preference, we substituted butter for oil, and halved the amount of sugar. 

The result?

A deliciously moist loaf of homemade goodness! Spices such as cinnamon, ginger and cardamom blend with the apple and hemp hearts to create a rich, earthy sweetness.

Somehow, it just tastes cozy. 

This bread pairs wonderfully with tea, coffee, or a simply a little salted butter on top. We also highly recommend adding something special to the batter, such as walnuts, chocolate chips, or both! 

apple-hemp-baking-organic-cbd-holiday                                              Homemade apple hemp bread

 Find the recipe here

2. Pumpkin Hemp Heart Muffins


Pumpkin enthusiasts rejoice! We've found the perfect recipe to satisfy this seasonal craving. Not only do these pumpkin hemp heart muffins taste amazing, they also pack a nutritional punch. Iron, magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin D, E, and zinc are just a few of the many nutrients brought to the table by the inclusion of hemp in this recipe.

More of a loaf person? Great news! This recipe can easily be made in loaf form instead of muffins. Simply pour the batter into a greased loaf pan and bake for roughly 45-55 mins, or until a butter knife comes out clean from the center. 

Lastly, we topped our muffins with some extra pumpkin seeds and hemp hearts for an additional bit of nutrition. If you want to take the sweetness up a notch, try frosting them with a butter cream or cream cheese frosting. 

Either way, these muffins taste delicious! 

Whether you need a quick breakfast, or a mid day pick me up, these pumpkin hemp heart muffins are the perfect choice to spice up your day this holiday season!

Pumpkin hemp heart muffins, yum!

Check out the recipe here

3. No Bake Chocolate Hemp Heart Cookies

(vegan, gluten free)

We get it, using an oven can be a hassle. And sometimes you just need something quick, simple and delicious to whip up for that holiday party. This recipe has you covered!

These simple, no bake cookies come together in less than 20 mins and promise to deliver all the flavor with none of the fuss. 

Did we also mention these cookies contain hemp heart? That's right, all the nutritional power of hemp, combined with the irrefutable power of chocolate, and created with the utmost ease. 

Chocolate hemp cookies, perfect for an afternoon energy boost


The recipe can be found here

4. Toasted Maple-Hemp Granola


As our final holiday recipe, we deviate from the world of sweet treats and venture into the realm of granola. This wonderful medley of seasonal flavors and spices includes pumpkin seed, maple syrup, cranberries and of course, hemp!

Granola making is truly an art, not a science, and we highly recommend using your personal tastes to get creative with this recipe! 

Items such as sliced almonds, coconut flakes, or walnut pieces would make excellent additions. You can also substitute any other dried fruit for the cranberries, or leave them out entirely. 

You can even try adding your normal dose of hemp tincture to each serving, especially in yummy flavors such as vanilla chai

Pair this toasty creation with yogurt, fresh fruit, or your favorite type of milk. With all the nutrition provided from the hemp hearts and other ingredients, this granola makes the perfect choice for breakfast, or a mid day snack. 

A delicious bowl of maple hemp granola

Find the recipe here

Thank you for reading!

We hope these recipes can bring some delicious joy to you and your loved ones this holiday season!

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