Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Hemp Products for Everyone on Your List

It's that time of year again folks! That's right...the gift giving season is upon us once more, and along side it comes the need for assistance in choosing just the right gifts for the people you love most. 

At Calyx Organics, we believe in the importance of sustainability, and we recognize that it can be difficult to abide by those beliefs during the holidays, when so much waste is created. Americans alone produce 25% more trash during this time.

With this in mind, we wanted to take the time to curate a comprehensive list of products made from one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the planet.

Can you guess what material? 

That's right...hemp. Keep scrolling to see the full list!

Gift Guide: All About Hemp

First and foremost, we wanted to take a moment to recommend a product that we believe can be greatly beneficial to almost anyone. 

At Calyx Organics, we pride ourselves in creating high quality, full spectrum CBD and CBG tinctures that can help alleviate a variety of different issues and ailments. This includes, but is not limited to: difficulty sleeping, chronic pain, inflammation, skin issues, muscle soreness, anxiety, and so much more!

Our tinctures come in three delicious flavors: bright citrus, vanilla chai, and fresh mint. Consider gifting a bottle to someone you love who places a high value on health and wellness done the natural way.

We promise they will love these incredible tinctures!

And now.... for the rest of our hemp product gift recommendations. Keep scrolling to see the list!

For the Outdoors Enthusiast

To some, getting out and being active is one of life's greatest joys. Show a loved one your support for their outside endeavors by considering one of these great gift ideas:

  1. Hemp Blend Frisbee - A perfect choice for those who love to play while hanging out in the park or relaxing on the beach. This frisbee also comes in 5 different weights to suit many different preferences. This disc would also makes a great toy for a canine companion. 
  2. Patagonia Hemp Clothing - When adventuring outdoors, good quality clothing goes a long way. Breathable, insulating, and very durable, hemp is an ideal material for just this purpose. Patagonia has a variety of styles for both men and women to chose from that will be sure to give gifts of both function and form to your loved ones.  
  3. Hemp Backpack - No adventure would be possible without a reliable day pack in tow. This pack is not only lightweight and durable, but stylish as well. Between snacks, layers and extra water, this hemp back pack is the perfect size for any and all supply carrying needs.  

    For the Relaxation Inclined

    We get it, the outdoors isn't for everyone. There are bound to be those on your holiday shopping list who would much rather spend their time cuddled up inside. For the more interior minded, we have a few gift ideas to chose from: 

    4. Hemp Slippers - Perfect for chilly mornings around the house, these slippers bring warmth and protection to the feet of friends or loved ones. We recommend including a pair of fuzzy socks with the slippers, to give them an extra boost of cozy comfort. 

    5. Hemp Cloths for Facial Cleansing - During this busy time of year, it can be difficult to remember self care. These facial cleansing cloths are hand made from hemp fibers to help exfoliate and soothe the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed for the holidays. Gift these cleansing cloths as is, or go a little further and include them in a "home spa" gift basket for a loved one. 

    6. Hemp Heart Chocolates, A sweet treat that is both delicious and full of nutrition. These hemp heart chocolates are sure to be a winner with any chocolate lovers on your list this year. As with any delicious holiday goodies, we highly recommend procuring one for yourself so you can enjoy them as well. 


    Hemp for the Home

    Nothing helps a house feel more like a home than a few pieces of thoughtful furnishing. Perhaps you know someone who has recently moved, or someone looking to make their space feel a bit more personal and grounded. We've selected a few gift ideas to help: 

    7. Hemp Macrame Wall Art - These beautiful, hand woven wall pieces make a great addition to any home. We have linked to just one of the many options available from this shop, so you can chose whichever fits your loved one's tastes best. 

    8. Woven Hemp Plant Hanger - All plant lovers eventually run into the same issue, a sudden lack of horizontal surfaces for their leafy pals. This woven hemp plant hanger can help! Do you have a plant parent on your list this year? Consider this gift option to support their ever growing collection. 

    9. Cozy Hemp Blanket - It's hard to go wrong with a warm blanket. These lovely hemp throws are perfect for bundling up on the couch, or snuggling into bed for the night. The blankets come in a soft, salmon pink or an earthy charcoal grey, which can both suit a variety of different home aesthetics. 


    For your Furry Friends

    If you have a beloved pet on your gift list this year, rest assured you are far from alone. Let's be real, pets are family. During the holidays, you can show them some love with these fun present options. 

    10. Hemp Chew Toys - Dog owners know better than anyone how fast their canine companions can wear out a chew toy, which means they are usually in the market for more. These chew toys are made from, strong, durable hemp and are sure to be a favorite with dogs and owners alike.

    11. Hemp Rope Cat Scratcher - Cats may seem aloof, but they still appreciate love and affection. The trick is to speak their language. Show your kitty how much you care by gifting them an item to aid in one of their favorite activities, scratching. It also provides the added bonus of keeping their claws away from your furniture.  

    12. Custom Hemp Collar - Just like their toys, dog collars can take a lot of wear. These hemp dog collars are made to last and look good in the process. They come in a variety of colors, and even have the option for a custom engraving. 


    Products for the Practical

    When choosing a gift, sometimes it's best to select an item that serves a purpose and will be useful to the person you care for. Here are a few ideas for those you know who would appreciate a bit more functionality: 

    13. Hemp Plastic Phone Case - Protecting a smartphone from damage can be tricky. These phone cases are made from hemp plastic, making them not only durable, but better for the environment as well. The case can be ordered to fit many different phone models, both iPhone and Android. 

    14. Vegan Hemp Tennis shoes - Shoe quality can make or break your day, which is why it's so important to chose foot wear that will be comfortable and last a long time. These shoes make the perfect gift choice for any of your loved ones who spend a lot of time on their feet and could used some good quality shoes to support them throughout their day. 

    15. Hemp Bed Sheets - Finding the right bed sheets can feel like a chore, but we all know how important it can be in getting a good night's rest. These sheets are the perfect choice. They are made from hemp fibers, which means they are soft, durable, and anti microbial. Hemp is also well suited to many temperatures regardless of season, making it easy to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 


    For the Kids

    The holidays are a big time to be a kid, that's for certain. With so many flashy toys available for children these days, don't forget to include some smaller, hand crafted gifts to remind them to appreciate the little treasures in life. Here are a few options: 


    16. Braided Hemp Necklace - A simple hemp necklace, a great option for any kid who loves dressing up and showing their personal style. This braided necklace can be tied fit a wide range of neck sizes and comes in quite a few fun colors. 

    17. Hemp Santa Claus - This handmade doll is truly adorable, and we think it could be the perfect gift to brighten someone's holiday. Try it out as a stocking stuffer, or hide him on the Christmas tree for the kids to find. It's hard to go wrong with this sweet little Santa doll.

    18. Colorful Hemp Baby Blanket - If you have a new baby anywhere in your life, these gorgeous hemp blankets are the perfect option. They are soft, warm, and able to withstand the wear of day to day use. Hemp fibers are also anti microbial, which is crucial considering how messy babies can be.



    Thank you for reading!

    Gift shopping can be stressful, so we hope this hemp themed holiday gift guide can help you navigate this season with ease! 

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